Do I need to pay a deposit?

We ask for a deposit of €300.00 the moment the puppies are born, appear to be healthy and are assigned to someone, provided they are collected at 8 weeks.
If the puppy is only picked up at 15 weeks, the 1st deposit is €300.00 and the 2nd deposit made at 8 weeks is €600.00.
This deposit cannot be claimed back under any circumstances.
However, the down payment will be refunded in case of premature death of the dog.
The remaining amount must be paid before the date the puppy is collected.
You will of course receive an invoice.

Why a deposit?

Unfortunately, we have the experience that, sometimes in the week the puppy is to be collected, people give up. Meanwhile, potential suitable buyers who were not considered for this litter have been pointed to other litters and we have to invest further in health care , socialisation and training of the puppy as it stays longer than planned. Investments have to be made to find a new suitable buyer.

In short: with the payment in advance we partly cover the costs to be incurred in the first 8 weeks and we raise a threshold in the hope that people do not buy a dog impulsively. The remaining amount of the purchase price can be transferred before the puppy is picked up .

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