Does the kelpie need a lot of exercise?

Much is relative.
What is a lot for one person is little for another.
It is true that a kelpie is originally a working dog. On average, they need more exercise than a breed bred as a domestic dog.

Kelpies are intelligent, hard-working sheep dogs that have provided invaluable help to Australian sheep farmers. They are tireless workers who can cover fifty kilometres a day. They are dedicated to their work and they can work all day with only a small break in between. They are fast and agile, and they run behind the sheep to get ahead of the flock.

Their love of working is in their instincts as is their ability to herd sheep although this is becoming less so in show Kelpies.
Kelpies work well both in the yard and in the open field. They are also loyal and intelligent pets.
However, it is important to keep them active to satisfy their boundless energy.
A walk around the church every day is therefore not enough!

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