Boukje Kelpiebrink (retired)

Born: 29 August 2014

Mother: Maeglin Gijste
Brumbi di Cambriano x Evallens Black Loekie
Father: Ravel Kelpiebrink
Allunga dai Muratori x Luack Jelle

Colour: black

ED 0/0

Multiple examinations for eye and heart defects. Free of hereditary diseases.

ED free
OCD free
LPC free
LPA free
Inc free

Boukje is a calm, balanced dog who is not easily upset. Some people and dogs she does not like and then she can challenge them, although so far she has never been confrontational.
In sports she is very fast, she likes to do something for and with you. And she also gets really happy when she gets to do something together with you.
We mainly do Hoopers with her.
Boukje is generally easy to handle, although she does have her own opinion and will.
Boukje has several offspring, including Femke

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