Dirkje Kelpiebrink (retired)

Born: 06-03-2013

Mother: Maeglin Gijste
Brumbi di Cambriano x Evallens Black Loekie
Father: Luack Jelle
Luack Inids Image x Spinifex Sailor

Colour: Black & Tan

ED 0/0

Free of hereditary eye diseases and hereditary heart diseases. Repeatedly tested for these.
Free of LPC LPA OCD, Inc (back shows no abnormalities).

Dirkje is in one word: fantastic!
From the beginning, a dog that was completely focused on the boss. She loves working for you, staying with you and avoiding conflicts. Other dogs are tolerated and she is incredibly intelligent.
We did a lot with Dirkje. At 2 years old, she was already in the highest class of agility. We have also done Balance and Coordination, Clicker exercises (trics and trucs) and Hoopers competitions. She likes it all equally although she sometimes has an “air” about her that makes you wonder if she really likes it that much. Dirkje is sensitive by nature. In her younger years, due to a nasty experience, she was afraid of children. With a lot of patience and love, we were able to strengthen her confidence and she eventually grew over her fear.
But especially being with you, walking/hiking with you is what she loves. Dirkje has walked all over Europe and seen a lot of things.
She also has very nice offspring.
We have thousands of pictures of Dirkje.
She is dual registered,both Working Kelpie and show (FCI) kelpie.
You can also find pictures on the website of our double registered kelpies:
Dirkje (kataaskelpies.nl)

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