Loesje Kelpiebrink: 04-02-2009 – †08-03-2023

This is a really sad day for us.
We had to let go of Loesje due to kidney failure. With this, we are also closing a chapter.
As the offspring of our first generation of kelpies (Majsan, Kiwi, Loesje), only Marie Curie is left.

Mother: Kiwi Kelpiebrink(HD A).
Grandfather: Evallens Black Loekie(HD A) Grandmother: Almdalens Majsan (HD TC)
Father: Cefeus Hyper (HD A)
Grandfather:Roscanaille’s Prinz Neo(HD B) Grandmother: Cefeus Varga (HD A)

Loesje has had several heart and eye examinations and has been healthy until old age.
She also had no hip (HD A)or elbow abnormalities.
Loesje has several offspring.

Loesje was a very loyal, affectionate dog with a strong will of her own. She was also always quite headstrong. She was social and avoided conflicts.
In her younger years, she was very fast, agile and fanatical in everything she did.

Loesje died as a result of kidney failure.

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