With what do you wean the puppies?

We have a strict policy regarding the birth and feeding of our puppies.

It starts with the fact that we are categorically against “bottling” puppies, although we too have had to restrain ourselves at times because seeing a puppy waste away is no fun at all.

Still, we believe that the basics a pet gets should be good. That implies that if the puppy is unable to survive on its own it will end far and in this sense we have already lost some puppies.

Somewhat depending on the puppies’ development, we start feeding them fresh meat around two to three weeks of age.
Then they get various brands of frozen meat and later occasionally (soaked) puppy food from Eukanuba , Proplan salmon, Purizon, Hills, et cetera.
We prefer to feed them as much variety as possible, but they should be able to eat dry food anyway.

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