Australian Kelpie

The description is largely taken from the Dutch Kennel Club.


A herding dog with little to add or detract from in terms of appearance. The Kelpie has a compact body that is slightly longer than tall with strong, well-developed legs. The sinewy, hardened musculature is clearly noticeable under the glossy coat.

The Kelpie has a double coat consisting of short, dense undercoat and hard, weather-resistant outer coat. It usually comes in the colours Black, Black & Tan, Red & Tan, Red, Fawn, Fawn & Tan, Cream, Chocolate, Blue and Blue & Tan.

The shoulder height of the Australian Kelpie is usually between 43 cm and 51 cm. Its weight ranges from 14 kg to 21 kg.


Diligent, attentive, eager to learn, tireless, usually focused on one person. The Kelpie is a definite workaholic: highly energetic and work-oriented..


The breed association Australian Kelpie Association is concerned with the health of the Australian Kelpie.
This is part of the association breeding regulations of each breed association.
In these, they make the following examinations mandatory for parent dogs: Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia and the ECVO eye examination.
Heart examination and Examination for back disorders are also compulsory for Dutch dogs.

For the association breeding regulations and more information, contact the breed association.
Australian Kelpie Association – Association for Australian Kelpie and sport enthusiasts

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