Black River Kennel Quantum

Born: 13-09-2018

Mother: Firefox Devil of Highland
Kopets Red and Tan Darwon x Busy Bee Devil of Highland
Father: Black River Kennel Confortably Numb
Ringbarka Howzat Halfback x another black dream of chocolate dynamite

Colour: Black & Tan

ED 0/0

Eyes and heart examined several times: free of hereditary diseases.

IDD 0 Free
LTV 0 Free
SP 0 Free
VA 0 Free

Quantum is a kelpie from Italy, from the Black River Kennel. The breeder gave him to us because we have experience with kelpies.
Quantum is very sweet and affectionate towards “his” people. He is watchful, does well on his own but can also behave well in “his” pack. Towards children he is sweet and accepts a lot.
Dogs he does not know, especially males, are not always appreciated.
He is quiet in the house and adapts easily to the situation.
Sports he finds less interesting. His preference is walking.
He has a strong will of his own and does not always agree with what the boss wants and then he opts to go his own way.

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