Jelske Kelpiebrink

Born: 17-04-2019

Mother: Dirkje Kelpiebrink
Maeglin Gijste x Luack Jelle
Father: Boyd’s Bullriding Busch Ranger
Evallens Black&Tan Ablaze x Ballare Stukova

Colour: Black&Tan

ED 0/0

Eyes and heart examined several times and free of hereditary diseases.

IDD 0 (Free)
LTV 0 (Free)
SP 0 (Free)
VA 0 (Free)

Jelkse, like her mother Dirkje and half-sister Allie, is a dually registered kelpie. She is both FCI and Working Kelpie registered.
Jelske is a somewhat insecure, sensitive little dog who needed time to grow. Now that all the lock downs are over and she can be taken everywhere again, you can see her “growing”. She is slowly gaining more and more self-confidence.
Jelske is affectionate and social. She can be very fast but then she has to be sure of herself. When herding sheep, her speed comes to the forefront and she really enjoys doing that. Agility she also likes as long as it involves training. She finds competitions stressful. But on the whole, her will to please is greater than her fear.
At home, she is quiet and rather withdrawn. Together with her mother Dirkje and grandfather Jelle, Jelske is one of our favourites because of her intelligence, control, learning ability and versatility. And she loves people, a real cuddler.
More information can be found on our website Jelske (

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