Marie Curie Krelpiebrink

Marie Curie Kelpiebrink

Born: 21-05-2021

Mother:Allie Caobrink
Tully Leejel Kelpiebrink x Boyd’s Bullriding Bush Ranger
Father: Pipo Kelpiebrink
Kiwi Kelpiebrink x Evallens Black [&] Tan Goliat

Colour: Red

.Marie was born and raised with Eline. Then things initially went wrong at placement.
After that was put straight, it took some time for her to blossom.
Now Marie is developing as a working dog pur sang. She is energetic, furiously fast, cheerful, bossy, athletic and always in the lead. Her “off switch” does not always function so structure and obligatory moments of rest are essential.
She is social towards people and strange dogs. In the pack, she can be a “pain in the ash” because she thinks everything should be done her way and she challenges other dogs.
She is also busy which is not always appreciated by her pack mates.
Marie is a dog who wants to do everything for you but needs mental challenges, boundaries and clarity. She is not a dog for beginners.
She is trained in agility.

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