Luack Jelle (retired)

Born: 29-11-2009

Imported from Australia: 16-04-2010

Father: Spinifex Sailor
Spinifex Brad X Spinifex Doxy
Mother: Luack Indis Image
Luack Indiana X Eurowenban Enterprise


Full Scissor bite

Colour: Red&Tan

Had several heart and eye examinations: free of hereditary diseases.

Jelle is our first dual registered kelpie (working kelpie and show kelpie). And we are extremely happy with him. Jelle has taught us what a kelpie really is. He is lightning fast, agile, super intelligent, focused and really up for anything. With Jelle we have run agility competitions (grade 2), hopper competitions; frisbee and rescue work.
Jelle is sensitive and under pressure he initially performed less. So he didn’t like the agility competitions very much because of the crowds but frisbee and rescue work he liked again.
Jelle commands respect. He raises young dogs in a friendly way and he is very good in a pack, even if he does not know the dogs at first.

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