Morrigan Kelpiebrink

Born: 18-05-2017

Mother: Tarra Leejel Kelpiebrink
Maeglin Jlee x Luack Jelle
Father: Cefeus Peps Persson II
Cefeus Wilda x Evallens Chocolate Nougat

Colour: chocolate

Eyes and Heart examined several times and free of hereditary diseases.

Back: IDD0; LTV0; SP0; VA0 (no abnormalities found)

ED 0/0

Morrigan is a sweet, affectionate little dog. She is easy to handle and loves children. She is social towards people of all ages and other dogs.
When challenged, she does stand her ground.
Morrigan’s “will to please” is great.
Apart from that, she is a lady with a mind of her own. Sometimes you have to convince her to do something in a different way.
Morrigan is the doggie that goes on holiday with you easily, that can go everywhere with you and that loves to walk with you all day in the woods without you having to worry about it.
Morrigan was also destined to “shine” in agility, but she unfortunately broke her toe twice in the tunnel. And such a fracture remains a weak spot.
We have chosen to do other things with her such as hiking and -on a more regular basis- hoopers.

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