How do you guys view Barfing

In itself, Barfen is a fine method of feeding provided one is consistent in preparation and adds all the necessary minerals and vitamins.
Someone who sticks to this will also spend considerably more money than someone feeding A-brand kibble.
Unfortunately, we read and hear very often that people “Barft” for relatively little money, that they “forget” to add minerals and vitamins.
The consequences in the long run are huge if you forget the necessary minerals,vitamins and other necessary nutrients.

Nutrition is hugely important and the lack of certain substances can cause heart, back and other kinds of problems.

Furthermore, there is risk associated with bacterial infections. The manufacturing process of dry feed is generally controlled from A to Z and major manufacturers generally use certified raw materials.

We are therefore not in favour of Barfing. If you want to feed meat choose Fresh Frozen Meat. You have some good brands in there where they take into account the nutrients a dog needs.

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