Tsunamie Kelpiebrink

Born: 18-03-2017

Mother: Allunga Dai Muratori
Britney Z lhotecke linie x Rostaggens Gideon
Father: Thijl Kelpiebrink
Maeglin Gijste x Luack Jelle

Colour: Red and Tan

Heart: several times Colour Doppler examination: no abnormalities
Eye examination (ECVO) several times: no abnormalities found
Back scan: no abnormalities (SP0, IDD0, VA0, LTV0)
ED 0/0

Tsunamie (Wickie) is a very sweet social dog to people (big and small) and animals. She likes to work for you, but is also a fine “house” dog. Wickie has a gentle nature. If you growl at her, she finds it “exciting” and then runs away from you a bit. She loves to lay and cuddle with you. When we work together, she really tries to do her best for you.
Wickie also learns quickly and adapts quickly to new situations.

Wickie has had twice a Kelpiebrink litter. Nice puppies

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