Stevie Kelpiebrink

Born: 17 August 2020

Mother:Dirkje Kelpiebrink
Maeglin Gijste x Luack Jelle
Father:Black River Kennel Quantum
Firefox Devil of Highland x Confortably Numb

Colour: Black and Tan

ED 0/0

IDD 0  (Vrij)
LTV 0 (Vrij)
SP 0 (Vrij)
VA 0 (Vrij)

Heart and eyes free of hereditary diseases.
Back: free of abnormalities.

Stevie (Jente) lives with Falko and Betsie and is being trained in agility.
Stevie is a spunky, cheerful, inquisitive and somewhat stubborn little lady.
She is also sensitive. If she has to learn new things and she is not stressed, she picks it up very quickly. However, if she gets stressed she can become overexcited and shut down.
Stevie is also very affectionate, loves to be cuddled and spoiled and generally has an open character.

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