Started agility with Suus and Mar and sheep herding with Jelske again.

We recently started competing in agility with Suus and Mar.
Actually, we had stopped doing it. Age plays a role and we don’t need to prove ourselves either. But persuaded by others, we started again.
3 months ago, Suus and Mar could not even take 10 agility units in a row. Now they run entire courses.
Of course it is not flawless but we certainly cannot complain. Mar is a racing monster where my timing is not always right yet (or rather: usually not right). Suus is easily distracted.
Still, the results are not bad. They come around regularly, but with one refusal or fault which is then usually due to the handler.
We are now training Jelske in sheep herding. She likes this so much more than agility and has all the natural movements and is also well under control. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have too much pressure which is a shame with Scottish Black Face sheep as this is a stubborn and headstrong breed. But we assume that as she gains more confidence she will prove capable of increasing the pressure.

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