Miley Kelpiebrink

Born: 17 August 2020

Mother:Dirkje Kelpiebrink
Maeglin Gijste x Luack Jelle
Father:Black River Kennel Quantum
Firefox Devil of Highland x Confortably Numb

Colour: Black and Tan

ED 0/0

IDD 0 (Free)
LTV 0 (Free)
SP 0 (Free)
VA 0 (Free)

Heart and eyes: free of hereditary diseases.

Miley lives with Ed and Annemarie and acts as an active house dog. At a recreational level, she does agility and walks a lot.
Miley is a sweet yet stubborn kelpie. She has a strong will of her own and she shows it. If she has got something into her head, she will not let it go easily. She is also affectionate and an expert at setting up a charm offensive. When off leash she is tolerant towards other dogs, on the leash and in small spaces she needs a pretty big “own space”.
Miley is a dog you can do anything with as long as she respects you. If she is not given boundaries, she tends to take charge and decide for herself what does and does not happen.
She enjoys learning new things but does so at her own pace. Miley does not function under pressure, then she becomes insecure, anxious and shuts down or she becomes overstimulated.

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