Fien is Pregnant

23-01-2023 an ultrasound confirmed that Fien is pregnant.
If all goes well, we will have a litter by the end of February.
We are very happy about this because the mating did not quite go as planned. When the progesterone value was good, the male did not want to mate. His owner was in hospital due to the birth of her son. And the owner’s partner turned out to be somewhat dominant.

Furthermore, there was about 30 to 40 cm of snow, the owners live in the mountains and the road was inaccessible with a “normal” car. It was dark early and there was a lot of fog. The day after, the owner was discharged from hospital and went with the baby straight to the male. Then they did mate but since the progesterone value was sky-high the day before we did not expect Fien to be pregnant.

As you can imagine, we are very happy to hear from the vet that she is pregnant!

Now the birth! We hope everything goes well.


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